Our Partners

YPO’s network of more than 25,000 global business leaders thank these important partners of YPO Innovation Week.

Our YPO Innovation Week strategic partners offer valuable insight, key connections and respected expertise that make the world’s largest and most impactful innovation initiative possible.  Together, we’re connecting the world’s most dynamic innovators for a rare chance to network, overturn conventional thinking and come away inspired to better their companies and their communities.

Global Partner

Salesforce is proud to partner with YPO to support their mission of lifelong learning and idea exchange, providing exceptional breadth and depth of business, innovation and leadership learning content to create better leaders, drive business transformation, and help YPO members connect to their customers in new ways.

Learn more about Salesforce at salesforce.com.

Affiliate Partners

For more information, please contact Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network Director Greg Hill at ghill@ypo.org or +1 250 893 5898