2019 Schedule

  • Monday, 13 May
    • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

      Innovation Week 2019: Revolutionizing Construction with 3D Printing

      Innovation goes three dimensional with an exploration of houses designed using 3D printers. Learn how this incredible new technology translates the virtual into the physical – a revolution for accelerated building. This is an incredible opportunity to explore one of the greatest technological advancements in the construction industry and learn how it will affect cities, supply chains and the world at large.

      Chair Amachie Ackah (YPO Philadelphia)

  • Tuesday, 14 May
    • Waterloo, Canada

      Canadian Ecosystem Experience: Innovating the Waterloo Way

      With historic innovations in a diverse range of products: light bulbs, pacemakers, IMAX and insulin – Canada has made a global impact. Waterloo boasts the second highest startup density in the world – it is Canada's Silicon Valley and best kept secret. Experience the power of Innovating the Waterloo Way during this two-day immersive experience with the entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and academics who pioneered this innovative community. Hear the behind-the-scenes story of smartphone maker Blackberry and meet the next-gen leaders of today.

      Co-Chairs Darren Hawrish (YPO British Columbia), Stephen Hecht (YPO Quebec Gold) and Mike Ritchie (YPO Canada East, YPO Great Lakes Ontario)

    • Livestream included

      GCC: Creating and Managing Dispersed Innovation

      Creating and Managing Dispersed Innovation takes a look at how current and emerging technology trends are influencing startups and impacting their ability to grow.

      Join Founder and Co-CEO of Techstars David Cohen, to learn ways of engaging and connecting in the new age of technology. David will share his insights on:

      • Creating and managing dispersed innovation.
      • Harnessing the hidden treasure trove of ideas and capabilities across networks.
      • Accessing game-changing start-up phase opportunities.
      • How technology can help businesses create and manage innovation.
    • Shenzhen and Hong Kong, China

      Transformation by the Bay: Discovering Shenzhen & Hong Kong

      Discover the innovation taking place behind the Great Firewall of China. Boasting the world's second largest economy, China sees some 20,000 new businesses launch every month, and consumer spending is expected to top USD56 trillion in the next decade. Journey to Hong Kong and neighboring Shenzhen – once known for fishing and manufacturing – now home to one of China’s two major stock exchanges and tech giants Tencent, ZTE, BYD and Huawei, to understand the impact of innovation on the region, everyday life and business.

      Co-Chairs Janice Wang (YPO Pearl River Delta) and Will Su (YPO Pearl River Delta, YPO Taipei)

  • Wednesday, 15 May
    • Livestream included

      GCC: The Future of Business: A Practical Introduction to Future Forward and Future-Ready Mindset

      Globally-renowned public speaker Pascal Finette, Chair for Singularity University’s Entrepreneurship and Open Innovation, will be lead a comprehensive GCC around defining, evolving and building the future of your business.

      The Future of Business: A Practical Introduction to Future Forward and Future-Ready Mindset is designed to equip you and your people with tools for creating new business models based on ‘hourglass’ markets as well as prepare your organization for change using the ‘knowledge adoption curve.’

      From the emergence of new technologies to the pace of change accelerating at an unprecedented rate, we face a massive opportunity to realize a different future. At the same time, long-established innovations methods, frameworks, and tools are quickly becoming obsolete.

    • San Francisco, California, USA

      Silicon Valley Summit 4.0: 4th Industrial Revolution – Transforming Work and Life

      The Fourth Industrial Revolution is profoundly different than its predecessors. It impacts all disciplines, economies and industries by merging digital, physical and biological technology and will fundamentally alter the way we live, work and relate to each other. Join us in the innovation capital of the world to explore cutting-edge developments in the future of work, longevity of life and more through thought-leading resources and exclusive site visits.

      Co-Chairs Stephen Forte (YPO Santa Monica Bay) and Demetri Argyropoulos (YPO Europe One Integrated)

  • Thursday, 16 May
    • Livestream included

      GCC: Trust Factor in the Science of High Performing Organizations

      Culture has been shown to be crucially important to successful organizations, but what aspects of culture matter most?

      Join Founding Director of the Center for Neuroeconomics Studies Paul Zak to find out on the Global Conference Call Trust Factor in the Science of High Performing Organizations.

      This GCC takes a look at the science of trust, how to measure trust in organizations and how managers can implement policies to raise trust and thereby performance.

      This talk will provide you with:

      • Language to discuss the science of organizational trust.
      • Tools for measuring trust.
      • Ways to apply interpersonal trust to your organization and improve business outcomes.

      Join us for this high-value look into the psychology of trust and inspire yourself, your people and your business with the trifecta of human connection, human happiness and effective teamwork.

    • Moscow, Russia

      Innovation Week 2019: Europe Emerging – Tech Summit Moscow

      From SAP to Google and Telegram, behind many of the highly valued tech companies, there is Eastern European technology talent, Israeli creativity or German execution skills. With the creation of recent unicorns including Mobileye, Delivery Hero, Adyen and Taxify, Central and Eastern Europe continue to emerge as very important technology players on the global scale. Experience first-hand the new generation of engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs shaping disruption in artificial intelligence, blockchain, robotics, space tech, cybersecurity, quantum computing and more.

      Co-Chairs Alexander Chachava (YPO Russia) and Alexander Frolov (YPO Russia)


  • Friday, 17 May
    • Livestream included

      GCC: Customer Experience and the Democratization of Innovation

      Join MIT Bootcamps Founder and Director Erdin Beshimov to find out during the Global Conference Call - Customer Experience and the Democratization of Innovation.

      Erdin will discuss:

      • Research in the field of user innovation about ways in which consumers modify existing products and create new ones, especially in light of 5G and the Internet of Things.
      • Understanding how business should let users drive innovation as opposed to attempting to push innovation out as a process.
      • Turning a solution to your own problems into a successful venture.

      The democratization of innovation is perhaps the most important change in the innovation process since the Industrial Revolution. Learn how to harness it from one of the world’s most highly regarded subject-matter experts.


For more information, please contact Entrepreneurship and Innovation Network Director Greg Hill at ghill@ypo.org or +1 250 893 5898